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The history of wooden toys


    Ancient wooden toys, is a single wooden toys, modern wooden toys are different levels of practical different materials and processes of contact and handling, to achieve the diversification of toys, multi-functional.

    Wooden toys in the toy category in a wide range of categories, history goes back to ancient times, wooden toys in Europe and the United States developed countries in each stage of the history of development in Europe and the United States have unique cultural ideology, their national history, the German wood Toys are the earliest and most famous. In ancient Germany there was the emergence of a belt lathe. Wooden toys were machined by a belt lathe and polished by hand. These wooden toys range in size from a few feet to very large toys, The most representative works on Mu Ya Ark.

    Among other wooden toys, stilts and gyros are also children's favorite toys. Stilts are very simple wooden toys, entertaining and fun. The top is the simplest wooden toy with practical craftsmanship, but the most used among children When I was a kid, I played gyro on the ice. When the gyro was spinning, I learned mechanics, acceleration and other knowledge from it. It can be said that wooden toys contribute to people's intellectual development.

    Wooden toys generally have the form of natural, abstract, artistic form of the points. The nature of the performance of the nature of the toy, gives the comfort of the soul, the abstract shape of the performance of toys, intellectual factors, giving unlimited reverie. The form of art shows the appreciation of toys, giving people the feeling of beauty. When people are depressed, if he is appreciating a big stupid toy, then he is more painful, this time, he admired a colorful, elegant appearance, looks very happy toy, the mood will be different.

    Wooden toys not only have the unique charm of intellectual development, but also has other good features, practical safety is the first, because the wooden toys are made of wood, non-toxic and tasteless, the physical and mental health of children Very helpful, then there is not broken bad, wear-resistant, resistant to beating and other advantages, which is also keen to buy Chinese wooden toys foreign factors.